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Give Wayland/Weston a try on Arch Linux

(Last updated on 2013-03-30)

Important note: Wayland and Weston have been moved to community/extra! Thus this How to is no longer necessary. I’m just keeping it here for reference. I may update *-git packages but I can’t promise I will do it frequently.

How to use Powertop to reduce power consumption

Update: Using rc.local is not the good way to do thing and may not work at all. Use the recommendations from the Power saving page on the Arch Wiki instead.

Powertop 2.0 is out (Release Announcement, The H Open article).

So how do I use it ? Well, I found the html report to be the most useful as it gives you the exact commands (Tunables) you need to run to adjust power settings:

sudo powertop --html

You will then find those commands in the Tunables tab in the powertop-*.html generated file. You should try carefully each one of them one by one as they can have some nasty effect (disabling USB mouse, increasing power consumption…).

If you’re using systemd like I do, and want to use the classic /etc/rc.local file to set those settings at boot time, you should use the initscripts-systemd package and make sure it is enabled with :

sudo systemctl enable rc-local.service

Everything you need to install Arch Linux

Here is a list of all the thing you should read while installing Arch Linux if you ran into troubles. This post will be updated as often as possible. If you find something inaccurate, feel free to contact me!

Nokia N9

I just received my Nokia N9 and I’m starting to learn Qt Quick/QML to design some applications for it. You can find some useful applications on websites such as N9 Apps and Apps for MeeGo but there’s still a lot of features missing. Update expected soon as I’ll share my findings on how to build apps, witch SDK to use and stuff like that.

First entry on this blog!

Update (2012-03): I switched to Octopress, which is extremely simple to use and secure by design (no databases, no scripting languages, pure static content). This doesn’t mean that Wt isn’t good in any way, but it’s just faster to use Octopress. Wt remains the must have for web applications and dynamic web pages in my opinion.