sethuper on Tuesday October 15 2013 00:42:20 said:

I have followed step by step in this tutorial, everything is describe, how to install and configure own Firefox Sync Server (Weave) with MySQL.

Siosm on Tuesday October 15 2013 10:30:20 said:

Thanks for the link, but I see several problems in the setup described:

  1. It doesn't use a package manager to track down files installed by Firefox Sync;
  2. MySQL seems unnecesary complex and heavy for the job here;
  3. Configuring MySQL to listen on a local TCP socket is a bad idea as it should never be available from the network if it doesn't need to be, event if it is restricted to loopback. You should use a UNIX socket on which you can use access control;
  4. Just like MySQL, Apache is too much.