St├ęphane Gourichon on Wednesday April 30 2014 16:09:40 said:

There seems to be a typo in the script: "Strating" should be "Starting", isn't it ?

Ranum's references that you mention are quite old, so there's no surprise those ideas have already turned into software.

Is it possible that you are reinventing a stripped-down version of logcheck ? Cf.

Siosm on Wednesday April 30 2014 16:46:31 said:

@Stéphane: Indeed, there is a typo :)

It's true that the references are quite old, but I've rarely seen them properly applied.

And it definitely looks like I reinvented logcheck (well, this one is based on journald). I'll have a look at the logcheck rules, maybe I could turn this script into a real project.

Note: I've tried to fix your email, hope this works.

The Compiler on Friday July 11 2014 12:23:37 said:

Thanks a lot for your script!

I now started a small project called journalwatch based on this script, where you can write a config file to define patterns of good messages.

More Informations here:

Archlinux Forum Page

Git repository

PyPi page

It also seems a patch and a hack is available for logwatch now.

bluesfreak72 on Friday February 27 2015 15:28:47 said:

Hi there,

<command line>

I'm trying to run your script and am getting an error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "./", line 80, in <module>

    elif firewalldStart.match(entry['MESSAGE']):

NameError: name 'firewalldStart' is not defined

</command line>

I am no python expert, but I noticed that the firewalldStart variable is not defined anywhere in the script.  It would really help me if this could be fixed.



Siosm on Monday March 02 2015 16:06:32 said:

@bluesfreak72: You can either define the 'firewalldStart' variable like any other regular expression defined at the beginning or simply remove the test concerning this expression.