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You may send feedback on Twitter or open issues on GitHub.

You can send a mail to My public OpenGPG key is available here and on various keyservers (Fingerprint: C8D8 3B6A E4B8 685A 7290 545F DB27 818F 7868 8F83). If this email address does not work, please send a mail to the address available in my résumé/CV.

Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn profile

About me

I am an engineer from the INSA-CVL in Bourges (formerly called ENSI in Bourges or ENSIB), a computer science and security engineering school in France.

At the ENSIB, I studied ubiquitous computing and security in clusters, virtualized and distributed systems as well as more classic server security issues. I also worked on the PIGA-OS project.

I was a PhD student for two years, working on “Virtualized systems and Clouds security”. My research focus included open source system security (SELinux, PaX & grsecurity, Linux kernel security), virtualization (KVM), containers (Docker, rkt), cloud managers and orchestration (OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes) and distributed file systems (Ceph, GlusterFS).

I now work as a Linux system security research engineer.

My relation to Free and Open Source Software

I discovered GNU/Linux around 2006 with (K)Ubuntu, and I quickly fell in love with the open source way. I’m now using Arch Linux since 2009, but I’ve tried a lot of Linux distributions before, such as Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse, Gentoo…

What I appreciate the most in open source software is the control and liberty to customize your are given (even though Linux is not about choice). Maybe that is also why I like the KDE desktop environment and applications, even if it isn’t perfect nor bug free.

Previous projects

I worked on a PIGA port to the Linux kernel as a proof of concept during my third year project at the ENSIB. For more information about PIGA, see the Links page and my research projet report. The code is available at

During my six months internship at the CEA, I worked on SELinux performance optimizations. The report and the poster are available and the presentation slides will be there soon.

Martin Peres and I made several presentations for XDC 2012 in Nuremberg. Slides are available here and here and the details/videos are in a post on my blog.