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Gaming only on Linux, one year in

2 minute read

I have now been playing games only on Linux for a year, and it has been great. With the GPU shortage, I had been waiting for prices to come back to reasonab...

Kinoite Nightly images with Plasma 6

1 minute read

Update: We’ve merged KDE 6 / Plasma 6 packages to Rawhide so Kinoite Nightly builds will be paused again. You can follow the progress in Kinoite via the Ra...

What’s new in Fedora Kinoite 38

4 minute read

Fedora 38 has been released 🎉 (on time!) and Fedora Kinoite 38 alongside it. Since the last “State of Fedora Kinoite” post was a while ago, here is a summar...