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Update (2012-03): I switched to Octopress, which is extremely simple to use and secure by design (no databases, no scripting languages, pure static content). This doesn’t mean that Wt isn’t good in any way, but it’s just faster to use Octopress. Wt remains the must have for web applications and dynamic web pages in my opinion.

Hi there! This is the first entry on this Wt powered blog! I’ll be talking about Arch Linux, Arch Hardened, SELinux, PIGA, KDE and music related stuff.

  • The Repository section details which packages for Arch Linux (mostly coming from the AUR) can be found on this server.

  • The Arch Hardened section details the progress of this project which goal is to build a secure distribution based on Arch Linux.

  • The About me section will give you more details about my other projects.

I’m also working on an atom feed and history/keywords improvements. I’ll probably release this code later, as it is an alternative to make WordPress-like blogs, without any php/mysql code at all, just pure C++, and maybe a little bit XML at the beginning.



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