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Update: Comments are now handled by a custom webapp written in Rust. I have disabled new comments until I find the time to complete it.

This blog now has interactive comments thanks to the Wt Comments project started by my friend Martin Peres. On his blog, you’ll find all the reasons that make Wt Comments a must have for us users of static blogs. However, they’re still a few features missing:

  • Allowing users to delete their comments;
  • Allowing users to subscribe/unsubscribe to an article in order to receive mails for new comments;
  • Locking comment threads manually or after a pre-defined period of time.

Feel free to comment(!), request features or, even better, send patches to improve it!



Comments are disabled on this blog but feel free to start a discussion with me on Mastodon.
You can also contact me directly if you have feedback.