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Update: We’ve merged KDE 6 / Plasma 6 packages to Rawhide so Kinoite Nightly builds will be paused again. You can follow the progress in Kinoite via the Rawhide container images or the classic ostree refs.

How to switch back to Rawhide:

# Reabse to the experimental container version:
$ sudo rpm-ostree rebase --reboot \

# Rebase to the classic ostree ref:
$ sudo rpm-ostree rebase --reboot \

Thanks to the packaging efforts of the members of the KDE SIG (especially Alessandro Astone, Justin Zobel and Steve Cossette), we now have enough updated packages in Fedora to create Fedora Kinoite nightly images with KDE Plasma 6.

Pre-release software notice

KDE Plasma 6 is currently in Alpha and those images are based on Fedora Rawhide, which is the development stream of Fedora and may include bugs or breaking changes at any time.

So this should be obvious but in case it needs to be said: This is pre-release software that may include major bugs. Only use this on systems where you are confident you will be able to rollback and have backups of your collection of favorite cat pictures. You’ve been warned!

If you find bugs, you are welcomed to report them to KDE developers on bugs.kde.org or to the KDE SIG tracker. See also the upstream known issues page.

How to try it out

We currently do not have installation ISOs or pre-installed images available. To try it, you can follow those steps:

 1. Install Fedora Kinoite 39.

 2. Update to the latest version and reboot:

$ sudo rpm-ostree update --reboot

 3. Pin your current deployment to make sure that you will be able to rollback if something fails:

$ sudo ostree admin pin 0

 4. Switch to the Fedora Kinoite Nightly Plasma 6 image:

$ sudo rpm-ostree rebase --reboot \

 5. Test and report bugs!

Kinoite Nightly with KDE Plasma 6 Alpha

How do I test for regressions / bisect?

You can find all tags for those images at quay.io/fedora-ostree-desktops/kinoite-nightly.

Feel free to drop by the Fedora KDE Matrix room.



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