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Here is a list of all the thing you should read while installing Arch Linux if you ran into troubles. This post will be updated as often as possible. If you find something inaccurate, feel free to contact me!

As Arch Linux moved to net-install images only which are now realeased periodically, you don’t need to apply updates & fixes as it used to be necessary with former core images. However, you need an internet connection for the installation process. If you want to do an offline installation, you should download the required packages beforehand and place them in your pacman cache dir in the install location (usually /var/cache/pacman/pkg/).

If you’ve got an ARM device, check the Arch Linux ARM project.

Arch Linux news

Always check the latest news: http://www.archlinux.org/news/

About pacman, signed packages and master keys

If you’re having troubles getting enough entropy to generate the local pacman keychain master key, you can use the rngd daemon from the rng-tools package to gather some more quickly.

Help guide

Before asking any question, you should follow this guide:



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