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Akademy 2022: Conference report

1 minute read

Thanks to Fedora sponsorship (both for my travel and the conference itself), I was able to attend Akademy last week in Barcelona. It was great to finally mee...

Recap from the Pass the SALT 2022 conference

2 minute read

I’ve had the opportunity to talk at the Pass the SALT conference in July 2022. I would like to thank both the organizers for accepting my talk and the Fedora...

systemd and the crashing tweet

6 minute read

By now you have probably read all about how systemd is so easy to “crash” that one can make it fit in a tweet (How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet). This post...

Give bus1 a try on Arch Linux

less than 1 minute read

I’ve packaged the bus1 kernel module and the related projects hosted on GitHub for Arch Linux.