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Give Wayland/Weston a try on Arch Linux

2 minute read

Important note: Wayland and Weston have been moved to community/extra! Thus this How to is no longer necessary. I’m just keeping it here for reference. I may...

Setup cgit with nginx on Arch Linux

3 minute read

I recently had to setup cgit with nginx on Arch Linux for and it took me quite some time as I was not familiar with cgi, fcgi, fcgiwrap,...

Everything you need to install Arch Linux

1 minute read

Here is a list of all the thing you should read while installing Arch Linux if you ran into troubles. This post will be updated as often as possible. If you ...

Nokia N9

less than 1 minute read

I just received my Nokia N9 and I’m starting to learn Qt Quick/QML to design some applications for it. You can find some useful applications on websites such...

Build KDE on Arch Linux using kdesrc-build

1 minute read

To build KDE on Arch Linux with the nice kdesrc-build script, you need the packages listed on this page: KDE TechBase plus this package: perl-libwww. I didn’...


less than 1 minute read

I took part in the PHD CTF Quals on the 10-11th December 2011, with two friends (Alkino and PO). For more information, see